12-14 December, 2024 Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


Service Provided By the Organizer

The Information Desk

The organizer will set up information desks at main entrances of the exhibition, to provide information service on various business of the exhibition.

Hotel Reservation

The organizer will provide convenient hotel reservation service from professional hotel booking agencies for exhibitors and visitors.

Exhibition Shuffle Bus

During the exhibition, the organizer will arrange free shuttle bus for visitors to visit exhibition halls conveniently. 

Seating area

The organizers will provide a number of VIP lounge areas for the audience to rest and business negotiations

Internet area

The organisers will provide a fast and free internet access area at designated locations in the pavilion to facilitate visitors and exhibitors to temporarily handle business matters online

Charging station

Charging services will be provided at the main entrance of the pavilion and at the exhibition hall service desk

Venue Service Facilities





Parking lot


Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center has a complete range of catering facilities, catering area of more than 51,000 square meters (central kitchen area of more than 15,000), can provide healthy, safe, delicious Chinese, Western, from tea breaks, fast food to large banquets and other catering services.

Catering area in the exhibition hall: There is a catering area on the third floor of Hall 1-17;

Restaurant: On the third floor of the two login halls, there are Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, cafeterias, and private rooms;

Casual dining: There are 2 food service counters on the first and second floors of Hall 20, and 14 food service areas on the first floor of the central corridor. 

A total of 4 hotel sites with a scale of 250,000 square meters are expected to exceed 4,000 hotel rooms, fully meeting the needs of exhibition and business accommodation.

Hotels have been introduced: Hilton Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, Crowne Plaza Hotel, InterContinental Hotel.


The parking area of Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center includes surface parking and underground parking, providing about 15,000 parking spaces.

Taxi drop-off area: There are taxi drop-off areas on the east side and south entrance of the two login halls;

VIP parking area: two registration halls on the west side and outside Hall 18 there is a VIP parking area, about 555 parking spaces;

Temporary parking area for trucks: There are temporary parking areas for trucks near the exhibition hall (except for Hall 18), with about 895 parking spaces;

Truck waiting area: the northernmost part of the exhibition hall has a truck waiting area, providing 1500 truck spaces;

Underground parking: a total of two floors, providing 9085 parking spaces.