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How to get to the pavilion

Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center (Phase I) September 24-25 (Fri-Sat) Sunday, September 26th 18 Friendship South Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin
18 Friendship South Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin



Rail Transit

By Bus

Taxi, $8 to start, three miles from $8, more than three kilometres on a $1.7 per kilometer basis, pending calculated in terms of a mile every 5 minutes.

Outer Ring Line: Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center is located at the intersection of Friendship South Road and Outer Ring Road in Xiqing District, the outer ring road is the three rings of Tianjin City, and the Jinbin Expressway, Jinyu Expressway, Jinjing Highway, Jinbao Expressway, Jinjing Highway, Jinyu Highway intersection. Express Road: 5.5 km from the express road, the express road will be the Friendship Road overpass, the liberation of the South Road overpass, Haihe Bridge, Jintang Highway overpass and other traffic conveyor belts connected together, very profit travel. Friendship Road: Is the main road of the financial services center, closely connected with the city’s business center, entertainment center, business center.

Rail Transit,Adjacent to Metro Line 6, with a convention and exhibition center station, along the route through the Tianhuan long-distance passenger station, the West Station long-distance passenger station, Tianjin Railway West Station, Tianjin Railway North Station and other large passenger transport hub.

By Bus,There are 838 routes in front, and there are several lines planned to be reached.