Dec 16 – 18 / PWTC Expo

Guangzhou International Hospitality Equipment & Foodservice Expo

Dec 16 – 18 / PWTC Expo


Based on the convenient location of Guangzhou, Hotelex Guangzhou will be based on the food capital and radiate to the south China market. The three-day exhibition will focus on nearly 600 exhibitors from 6 categories including coffee and tea, catering equipment, baking and ice cream, hotel supplies, culinary ingredients, and catering franchise in an 80,000 square meter exhibition hall. In this stage, which can be called the annual procurement ceremony of the hotel and catering industry in South China, there will be multiple wonderful activities such as high-quality exhibits, international competitions, and summit forums.


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HOTELEX series exhibition

With The Shanghai exhibition as the mother exhibition, the exhibition continues to break through time and space, to the national layout. At present, it has developed a series of exhibitions in southwest, south China and North China. Chengdu exhibition and Guangzhou Exhibition have formed a certain influence, and Tianjin Exhibition will be held next year.

Food & Drink Online

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Why join HOTELEX Guangzhou

Why Exhibit

HOTELEX Guangzhou has a full range of exhibits with an area of nearly 80,000 square meters. Gather global buyer resources and negotiate face to face; 100,000+ professional purchaser resources; Industry vane: the exhibition gathers the industry’s major brands, product trends, marketing models… Quick acquisition; Brand rapid communication: new media: official account, Douyin, Weibo; Catering Research Society live broadcast room authoritative mass/industry vertical media promotion

Why visit

Exhibitor brand entry, real-time grasp of purchasing trend; Face to face negotiations with upstream and downstream exhibitors in the industry, quickly expand business relations; One-stop procurement, reduce procurement costs; Gather in KOL, rich summit, events, activities, insight into the future trend of the industry.

Join HOTELEX Guangzhou Exhibition

South China’s leading high-end food and beverage exhibition
Shared HOTELEX series exhibition brand communication matrix: new media: official account, Douyin, Weibo; Live broadcast: The direct broadcast room of catering Research Society, with millions of views; Authoritative media: exhibition site, subway station, railway station, authoritative public/industry vertical media promotion;
Rich purchaser resources: Share Hotelex and FHC 500,000+ professional purchaser resources;
Industry vane: the exhibition gathers the industry’s major brands, product trends, marketing models… Quick access.

600+ exhibitors, preferred products in one station complete; 10+ events forum, top talent gathering, top thinking collision, industry skills trend first taste.

Eye-catching events

  • 2021 Guangzhou International Tea and Coffee Food Festival
  • 2022 World Barista Competition (China) Guangzhou Branch
  • 2022 World Latte Art Competition China Area Selection South China Division
  • 2022 World Coffee Brewing Competition (China) Guangzhou Division
  • 2022 World Coffee Roastery Competition (China) Guangzhou Division
  • 2022 Shanghai International Fashion Drinks Creative Production Competition Guangzhou Branch
  • 2022 Shanghai International Pizza Masters South China Division
  • “Guangzhou food & Beverage Growth New Driving Force Forum and the second food + drink new trend summit Forum”
  • Young people suck “drink” power — 2021 BY the second Youth Conference
  • 2021 China Catering, Takeout, New Retail Summit And Catering Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference
  • 2021 The 8th Central Kitchen Construction and Development Summit Forum (Guangzhou)
  • 2021 GCEF Greater China Coffee Industry Elite Forum
  • Cafe owner experience sharing – open a good shop, drink a cup of beautiful coffee

Forum activities

Exhibition activities

Competition activities

Coffee and Food Festival

Visit food and Drink online

The vertical B2B website of hotel and catering industry, relying on the advantageous resources of HOTELEX (International Hotel and Catering Industry Expo) and FHC Shanghai Global Food Exhibition, as the original professional B2B platform of “Exhibition network integration” in the industry, provides buyers and suppliers with all-weather service that is not limited by time and space, perfect combination of online and offline services.


Food packaging / China

Shanghai Chengyu Packaging Group Co., Ltd

Food packaging / China

Wenzhou tumai Machinery Co., Ltd

Beverage comprehensive / China

Henan Yutang Tea Industry Co., Ltd

Cooking ingredients/China

Angus (Xiamen) Food Co., Ltd

Ice cream equipment and materials/China

Sbelle (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd

Beverage comprehensive/China

>Guangzhou haoen Fengshi Food Co., Ltd

Desktop products/China

Zhejiang Nansong porcelain Co., Ltd

Baking equipment and materials/China

Shanghai qiang’an Catering Equipment Co., Ltd

Catering equipment/China

Yinglianst (Guangzhou) catering equipment Co., Ltd


In the same period of the exhibition, 2021 Shanghai international coffee and food culture festival and 2021 Guangzhou chain exhibition will be held.


HOTELEX Guangzhou international coffee and food culture festival
2021年12月16日 – 18日
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SFE Guangzhou international chain Exhibition
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