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Coffee and Foodie Festival

The coffee market

From Russia, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Australia and other cutting-edge Coffee shops, Internet celebrity Coffee shop %Arabica, Glitch, Philocoffea, Fritz, Amber Coffee Brewery, Bloom Seesaw, quality restaurant, Lutian, etc. From coffee beans to earplugs, the products meet all the needs of coffee lovers.

Nordic Froggy Coffee

Nordic Froggy Coffee is one of the famous brands in China’s coffee industry. Its main business is coffee cup testing and tasting teaching and coffee roaster. In 2002, the founder of JAVELIN COFFEE& was founded by Li Dongmei in Oslo, capital of Norway. In 2012, As the first COE international judge in China, Ms. Li Dongmei participated in the Guatemala COE Best Coffee Green Bean Competition.


MO⁺ strives to build a “pan-cultural social ecosystem”. On the basis of stock property space operations, with coffee + show a carrier for the space, with extensive cultural and arts community activities, creative bazaar, art and so on as the soft culture carrier, structures, deep social spheres of links, the formation of high quality life suitors aggregation platform, build quality, depth, sticky social ecosystem.


An independent coffee brand founded by three baristas who are passionate about creative beverage development, coffee roasting and dessert making. It is the permanent responsibility of a coffee shop to express the wishes of its farmers. Berry is orange, and Beans are green, representing the creativity of baristas and the repeated efforts of roasters and coffee farmers.


PHILOCOFFEA derives its name from two English words: Philosophy and Coffea. The coffee industry was born from a coffee tree. In order to pursue the possibility and ideal future, what we can do is to think deeply, extend the roots and move forward step by step. The 4:6 method of coffee infusion, pioneered by the idea that “Anyone can make coffee taste better in a simple way,” is also widely praised around the world.

Smash a Cup|

The brand specializes in Rooibos tea from South Africa. We mainly cooperate with boutique cafes, restaurants, designer collection shops and so on. “Break the cup” brand conveys the spiritual connotation of breaking free from bondage, breaking the deadlock, dare to deal with pressure and breakthrough; Advocate a kind of aesthetic interest, modest low-key, advance and retreat of life attitude. Rooibos tea is made using a full-fermentation process. Rooibos tea is a shrub that grows only in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Fisher Coffee

Fisher Coffee has been in China for more than 10 years since 2006, and has gradually been recognized and loved by people. Now it has become an iconic boutique Coffee brand that has influenced a generation of Coffee lovers. As a pioneer in the industry, promoting boutique Coffee culture has always been the passion of our team, which has enabled us to establish a good brand reputation of Fisher Coffee among the industry and ordinary consumers. Coffee roasting is a professional technology and art.

Jisheng trade

Mazzer’s commercial coffee grinder and coffee quantitative grinder have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world. It is carefully tailored for fine coffee lovers, with low coffee powder residue, real initial point calibration and electronic adjustment of micron coffee grinding degree.

Funan Coffee

As Funan coffee gets its name — it comes from furan compounds, the aromatic compounds found in coffee — by looking for coffee beans with different personalities, finding suitable roasting curves and brewing parameters for each bean, and finding suitable tasters.

Mellon coffee

Mellon independently develops and produces high-quality and convenient products such as coffee baked beans, ear hanging, bag brewed coffee, boutique canned coffee and so on. Its retail products include 7 world-class coffee beans, handmade Italian coffee and hand brewed coffee, more than 30 creative coffee cold and hot drinks and a variety of coffee appliances.